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A cool cover for your Canberra carport

What roof material do you want for your Canberra carport?

If you live in Canberra you’ll know the winters are freezing cold and the summers boiling hot, which can be as tough on the roof of your carport as it can for you! So, if you’re considering building a new

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5 tips to make your new Canberra carport a design winner

Looking for the best Canberra carport in your street? Here are Mr Carports’ top tips.

If you live in Canberra and you’re considering having a new carport built for your home, while practicality will be important, design is also likely to be a key. So how can you build a new Canberra carport that will

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Canberra carport a winter wonder

A Canberra carport will be a blessing come rain, hail, frost or shine.

If you live in Canberra and your car isn’t parked under cover at night, you’ll know very well that Canberra experiences more frosty mornings than any Australian capital city. Which is why a Canberra carport isn’t just a nice to

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Add style to your Canberra carport with a Dutch gable roof

A Canberra carport with a Dutch gable roof can add the wow factor!

If you’re planning on designing and building a new Canberra carport and want to add a touch of sophistication and style, a Dutch gable roof could be just what you’re after. A Dutch gable roof is essentially a hip roof

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Canberra carport provides protection and privacy

The timber screen on this Canberra carport provides privacy for the householders.

When is a carport not just a carport? When it can double as an alternative entertainment area, as evidenced by this Canberra carport, built by Mr Carports. Protection for their car was the first priority for these Canberra householders and

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