A Brisbane carport beats a garage hands down

Let’s face it, we’d all prefer to have protection for our cars and other prized possessions, but if you’re tossing up between a carport and a garage for your Brisbane home, which should you choose? Naturally enough, we’re going to argue for the side of the Brisbane carport (our name is Mr Carports after all!) but let’s look at some cold hard facts on why our opinion stacks up.

The case for the Brisbane Southside carport

  1. First point of evidence for the defence, sorry Mr Carports, is quite possibly the most important one and that’s affordability. Quite simply, more often than not a carport is going to be cheaper to build than a garage. Even if you want a Brisbane carport with all the features (e.g. lighting, tiled roof, roller door, etc.) you’re likely to have plenty of money to throw an elaborate party in your new carport once it’s built. Which leads us nicely to point two…
  2. A Brisbane carport will also doubly nicely for an occasional entertainment area, due to its open structure. Essentially, all you need to do is move the cars and bring in the outdoor furniture and bbq and hey presto, you have a patio come entertainment area. Using the carport like this is particularly useful if you don’t have a lot of space for a larger entertainment area or your only other area is too small.
  3. Generally, building a Brisbane carport is going to be less of a disturbance and cause less stress around your home than building a garage. A garage is likely to take your several weeks, while a simple carport can be built in a matter of days. 
  4. A well-designed and built carport will add more street appeal to your house than a garage. The key here is ‘well-designed’. Your carport will need to match or complement your house in terms of style, materials, colour and features. For the average DIYer this can be quite tricky, but for Mr Carports it’s our speciality.
  5. A carport will generally provide more flexibility in terms of placement. At the front of the block, at the rear or beside the house. Your choice is only limited by your block size and the space you require.
  6. Building a Brisbane carport can involve less red tape than building a garage. This can mean your carport will, hopefully, be approved quicker and you can get cracking with the build.
  7. This point goes hand in hand with affordability and relates to the floor surface. The floor of a carport can be almost anything you want. While concrete or paving are obviously the most popular choices, if budget is a concern you can also use gravel or just have dirt or grass. 

The defence rests. Now the easy part

If your case falls to the side of the carport, then the next decision is easy. Give Mr Carports a call. We’re the Brisbane carport specialists and have built thousands of carports in the Brisbane area.

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The case for the Brisbane carport over a garage is packed full of solid evidence.
The case for the Brisbane carport over a garage is packed full of solid evidence.
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