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The Best Verandahs and Carports Prices in Adelaide

If you live in Adelaide, you would know all too well that it can get darn hot in summer. In January 2019, Adelaide became the hottest capital city in Australia with a record-breaking 46.6 degrees Celsius! (Scopelianos & Slessor 2019).

A car in the sun gets between 30 and 40 degrees hotter than the outside temperature. There may be no better place in Australia to have a carport! Mr Carports’ installers in Adelaide, don’t stop at carports though. We have the best verandahs and carports prices Adelaide has to offer and we pride ourselves on customer satisfaction.

Benefits of the Best Carport Installers in Adelaide

A well-designed and well-built carport will not only lower the temperature of your car’s interior in hot weather, but it will also provide protection from the elements, offer shade to the property and building, and is a brilliant investment.

The heat of the sun’s rays can be damaging to our skin but also the paint’s lifespan on your car. Australia’s summers, and in particular Adelaide’s summers are fierce and quickly cause oxidisation in the paint. The added shade verandahs and carports provide to your home or building is also a welcomed benefit in the hot months. Not only that, carports provide protection from rain as you go to and from your car and prevent frost from building up on the windshield on cool mornings (when the last thing you want to do is spend more time in the cold pouring water over the windscreen and wiping away frost).

The Best Verandahs and Carports Prices in Adelaide!

Return on Investment is Just Around the Corner.

Carports have become an excellent investment for when it comes time to sell your home! Off-street parking is something many people look for when buying a home. The last thing a new homeowner wants is to struggle to find a park at the end of a long day or worse yet, have to pay for parking at home.

Beautiful verandahs and carports draw the eye and boost the ‘wow’ factor as people view your property. It’s not only the extra dimension a verandah or carport gives to the design of the property, but they can also be utilised as an additional area for entertaining and storing garden tools and equipment. Verandahs and carports can be custom designed to fit the style of a building or home and they can also be designed to be the draw-card. There are verandahs and carports to accommodate any space, style or budget. We pride ourselves on having the best verandahs and carports prices in Adelaide – as well as the best service.

Life’s too short to endure hot cars, rain on your head while trying to get in or out of your car or having to remove the frost from your car on a freezing cold day.

Australian homes are iconically Australian with a verandah so if you’ve been thinking about expanding your outside living space, give Mr Carports a call on 1800 557 782. With branches across Adelaide, you can be enjoying your Adelaide carport and verandah quicker than you think!

Scopelianos & Slessor 2019, ‘Adelaide Now Hottest Capital City on Record as Temperatures Soar Throughout SA’, ABC, viewed 27 April 2019
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With its hot summers and cold frosty winters, Adelaide is an ideal place for a Mr Carports carport
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