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Nowhere in Australia is land more expensive than in Sydney. We service Penrith, North Shore, Chatswood, greater Sydney and the Blue Mountains. Mr Carports’ builders in Sydney team have seen enormous growth in property prices for less land in these areas. Many Sydney garages and sheds have been converted into bedrooms or second living areas or used as storage, filled to the brim with the extra furniture and boxes that homes can’t fit. It makes sense why so many people in Sydney have been building cantilever, curved and custom carports.

Rather than leaving your car sitting in the driveway or on the street, exposed to the elements, get Mr Carports’ carport builders team to build a carport to suit your home and your requirements.

We all know how damaging the ocean’s salty air can be to our cars, but many of us forget how damaging the sun rays can be. Ultraviolet rays damage the car’s paint and cause it to oxidise leaving you with a costly paint job or buying a new car. The best way to prevent oxidisation caused by the sun is to keep your car under cover. Keeping your car safe from the harsh sun and Sydney’s severe summer storms can ensure you can avoid a trip to the panel beater and replacing your windscreens from hail damage.

Did you know that in December 2018, in just 18 hours, 25,000 claims were made after a devastating hail storm? Three-quarters of those claims were car claims for hail damage! (Bungard 2018).

As well as protecting your car, a carport can also be used as an entertainment area and, with some clever design and building, a storage area for gardening equipment, tools and more. Did you know that carports can also help to reduce your car insurance!?

Cantilever Carports

Have you ever built a carport only to find that once you get your car underneath, there is little to no room to open your car doors? Cantilever carports are functional and structurally sound but what is most appealing is the elegance and modern design they bring. Cantilever carports are akin to an umbrella. They feature structural supports on only one side freeing up space on the other side. They are used on residential properties as well as shopping centre carparks, bus shelters and more. Designs and options for materials are endless leaving you with surplus options to match the building envelope and style of your property or project.

Curved Carports

Curved carports are like the traditional carport with a modern twist and have become a trusted go-to in contemporary architecture. They are stylish, classic and feature smooth, sleek lines. Again, the building materials and design can be customised to fit with the rest of the building or can be built to be eye-catching as the centrepiece for the property. They have supported on either side, giving you added peace of mind.

Custom Carport Solutions in Penrith, North Shore, Chatswood and Greater Sydney.

No matter the space, era of the building accompanying it, or budget, Mr Carports’ carport builders Sydney team have the experience and creativity to help you design and build a practical and beautiful carport. If you want to utilise the space you have, a carport is a brilliant idea. You can even include space for storing household items, tools and garden equipment. The only limit is your imagination.

Is a Sydney carport a smart choice? You bet.

Are you getting the Mr Carport builders Sydney team, to build your Sydney carport? An even smarter choice!

Bungard, M 2018, ‘Widespread and Catastrophic: Sydney Storm Insurance Claims Rise Eight-Fold in 18 Hours’, The Sydney Morning Herald, viewed 27 April 2019
Sydney is a great place for a carport and is a wise choice
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